Enterprise Freight shipping

Enterprise Freight shipping


Businesses and high-volume shippers need an efficient way of transporting their goods. AzzureFreight eliminates the added stress of managing the expenses & logistics of supply chain distribution. Our Enterprise Freight Shipping division delivers competitive pricing and 360-degree transportation management.

Competitive Pricing

Obtain sustainable pricing solutions by leveraging our leading market resources. Use our network of 2,500 partner carriers. Our market insights allow you to optimize your freight spending.

Safety & Compliance

With Enterprise Freight Shipping, your lanes are covered by vetted, pre-selected contracted carriers to ensure compliance with insurance, authority, and safety ratings.

Enterprise Shipping Efficiency

Know where your loads are in real-time without a call to the driver. We use MacroPoint® GPS technology to pinpoint the exact location of your shipment.


AzzureFreight’s Enterprise Sales Team is committed to developing partnerships with clients and carriers seeking sustainable solutions for managing the stresses and expenses associated with modern supply chains and distribution networks. We align technology with the dynamic goals of both shippers and carriers to provide solutions that are innovative, adaptive and cost effective.

Whatever your needs, we have the solution. Whether you’re a global logistics company looking for new ways to streamline and automate processes – or an individual shipper who wants their freight delivered with less hassle -we can help!

Enterprise Level Shipping

We’re a broker, but we operate differently from traditional truck brokerages. Your transportation requirements are stored in the TMS and your account is serviced by our in-house Enterprise Shipping Team. All of the negotiations, tracking, and paperwork handling is completed by us, and electronically transmitted to your preferred carrier.

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